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Industrial and Residential Roof Repairs in Greeley, CO

Membrane Roofing, Repairs, and Inspections in Greeley, CO

Gus Roofing is a trusted, full service, roofing contractor catering to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Greeley, CO. As an industrial and membrane roofing contractor, we provide the best roof inspections, repairs, membrane roofing, and training for our crews. Our roofing crews are well trained in installation like performing small shingle roof repairs, membrane roofing, industrial roofing, installing metal panels (standing seam or pro panel), TPO and EPDM single ply roofing membrane on huge commercial and industrial buildings.

As a roofing contractor in Greeley, CO, Gus Roofing ensures that its roofing crews are very well qualified to provide clients with superb workmanship, detailed inspections, and expert roof installations/repairs for residential and industrial projects.

We also ensure that all our crew in Greeley, CO is knowledgeable of safety practices for inspections, repairs, and membrane roofing installations. Gus Roofing will provide you with quality products and roofing accessories.

Gus Roofing is a member of the Better Business Bureau As your affordable residential & industrial roofing contractor in Greeley, CO, Gus Roofing provides the following services:

Free Roof Inspections

Our roof inspections are FREE in Greeley, CO and all other locations. Our clients vary from homeowners, businesses, industrial companies, and major shingle and metal roof manufacturing companies. Inspections determine functional damage to the roof covering. Hail is the number one cause of roof damages in the Greeley, CO area and most of the Colorado region and we advise regular inspections to maintain the integrity of your roof.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Contact Gus Roofing for your free roof inspections. If hail damage is present, we’ll help you contact your insurance provider to file a claim. In most cases your entire roof can be replaced for the amount of your insurance deductible.

Roof Certifications

We can provide our residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Greeley, CO a Roof Certification. We’ll perform inspections on the condition of the roof covering. During inspections, all factors will be considered to determine the life expectancy of the roof covering. A Roof Certification explains in detail the condition, if repairs are necessary, the number of layers, and the life expectancy of the roof covering. The cost for this service is $125.00 plus the cost of any roof repairs necessary

Complete Roof Replacement/Repairs

We’ll obtain the proper roofing permit and will follow the adopted building code in your municipality. We do complete repairs and replacements for homes, stores, and industrial companies in Greeley, CO and other locations.

Membrane Roofing

Roofing for flat roof requires expert membrane roofing in order to prevent leaks and remove water off the roof. Gus Roofing has the trained and experienced people to do proper membrane roofing for your building in Greeley, CO. We can install different membrane roofing types such as Thermoset membranes, Thermoplastic membranes, and Modified Bitumen membranes.

Collecting Payment

Gus Roofing will not ask for a deposit for repairs, inspections, and installations for residential, commercial, and industrial roofing. A final invoice will be prepared in detail and hand delivered to our client. At that time a walk through with our client will take place to ensure that all repairs were done properly and payment shall be collected in full. In some cases payment arrangements are necessary and agreed upon before work is started to accommodate time and funds being release by either the insurance company, title company or mortgage company.

Affordable Roofing in Greeley, CO

We offer discount rates for multifamily such as an entire home association and apartment complex. Our company can also give discounts for major industrial and commercial projects in Greeley, CO.

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