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8 Steps Homeowners Should Follow Before Hiring a Roof Contractor in Colorado

We all know how important it is to pick a good roofing contractor when you need repairs or installs. A roof contractor is one of the few things that are worth spending a little extra time on in order to receive good high quality work.

Very commonly homeowners hire a roof contractor based on who has the lowest price and very often they regret doing so.


There are multiple reasons for this. The most common one being that the work provided by a contractor with such prices are very cheap but more often than not their services are of a poor quality. They might be able to save you money, but in order to do so they usually don’t work with professionals, don’t have insurance, or pick their materials based on a low price instead of good quality.

By saving some money at the beginning you can leave your residential roof vulnerable to worse problems down the road, that is, more expensive and complicated problems.

So if you are unsure of how you can find the best contractors in town, definitely don’t do it by solely based on price. Instead follow the steps below.

#1 Research their reputation

Don’t be fooled by a couple of good testimonials you’ll find on their website. You should always do intensive research (preferably outside of their website) and see what their previous clients have to say about them. If the company has a large number of negative reviews that clearly outweigh the positive ones, this should let you know that they’re not good at fulfilling their claims.

#2 Go local

Narrowing down your search to a roof contractor in city will always be the best thing to do. Once you start searching for a roof contractor, you will notice that they know exactly what regulations they need to follow, and what suppliers to contact for the best quality materials.

#3 Request an estimate

After you’ve decided on which one will be the best for you, don’t forget to request an estimate. These estimates are free of cost most of the time so there’s no reason not to request one.

An estimate is the best way to know if the prices will fit your budget. Be sure to ask them to list the components, quality and unit costs of the materials they will use to avoid going over the budget when the project begins.

#4 Always choose quality over low cost

As mentioned previously, don’t go for the cheapest option. You almost always get what you pay for and trying to pick a contractor based on how low their prices are will eventually backfire, and cost you more money in the long run on problems that could have been easily avoided, details here.

#5 Ask them to show you a copy of their license

You should always ask your roofer to show you (and if possible, to let you keep) a copy of the proper license to work in your city and/or state. This is to ensure that the project is reviewed and approved for a building inspector.

#6 Insurance

A roof contractor that doesn’t carry workman’s comp insurance is not hard to come by, this is mainly because it can get very expensive. Always ask your roof contractor if they are covered by insurance. You’ll never know if an accident could occur and the last thing you want is to cover their medical expenses due to liability.

#7 Make sure they offer you a strong guarantee

A good roofing contractor should not be afraid of giving fantastic guarantees. A great guarantee consists of more than 10 years of guarantee. If on the other hand your roof contractor offers a very vague guarantee or is relatively short, it could mean that they don’t think that their work will last.

#8 Put everything on paper

Never rely on verbal agreements. Always get a contract and include every single detail of said project on the contract (even the smallest ones). If this is not done, there will be nothing to hold contractors accountable for, when it comes to your roofing and they will pretty much do as they please. Make sure that no part of this contract is up in the air or subject to change.

These are the 8 steps every homeowner should follow before hiring a roof contractor in Colorado. Hopefully this will help you make the right decision, see you on the next post!

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