Image of roof with snows on it's roof and around it, Steep slope or low slope roof

How To Tell If Your Steep Slope Or Low Slope Roof Requires Repairs?

All things wear down with constant usage and roofs are no different. After years of constant service, they will require roofing repairs to continue doing their job.

It’s completely normal.

In fact, considering the amount of abuse roofs have to endure it’s a surprise they don’t need roofing repairs every week.

But surprisingly enough most types of roofs only need roofing repairs about 1 or 2 times per year.

Which is completely shocking, after all roofs have to take the worst, going from rain to sun, from wind to snow to hail.

With that kind of abuse you’d think roofing repairs should be done every week.

Yet roofing repairs don’t need to be done every week since most roofs are designed to survive all those things… and more.

For example, look at steep slope roofing. This kind of residential roofing is known for its elegant triangular shape at the top that not only looks incredibly beautiful but helps in guarding homes from elements thanks to that pointy top which is not just for show.

When water lands on this roof, Its triangular shape makes it slide off instead of staying on top of it acting as a great drainage solution that helps avoid the problems that come with stagnant water which will eventually lead to roof damage.

Besides being excellent at dealing with water, steep slopes can also perform great in icy climates allowing the snow to simply slide off while also being sturdy enough to resist impacts from ice dumps, making the need of roofing repairs much less frequent and leading to an overall long lifespan and less frequent roofing repairs.

This is one of the main reasons why steep slopes are so commonly used on England homes.

On the other hand low slope roofs have a much simpler look. Since these roofs have a straight design that, in comparison to steep slopes, are not as appealing to the eye but are much easier to install. This generally allows for a cheaper installation fee as they require fewer materials and not as much labor as steep slopes

Low slope roofs are also more energy efficient than steep slopes which translates into a more comfortable temperature inside of the home. Thanks to being nearly flat, low slopes allow homeowners to utilize this space to put solar panels on top (read more).

However, low slope roofs might require roofing repairs more often since they face problems related to water, ice and snow staying on top for prolonged periods of time. This moisture leads to other problems such as leaks or in some cases damage to the structure which, if left unattended for too long, requires more extensive roofing repairs.

Knowing when your roof is having these kinds of problems lets you know when proper roofing repairs are required. Repairs eliminate these problems and keep them from becoming much bigger (and expensive) projects in the future.

Some signs that roofing repairs are required in steep slope or low slope roofs are:

Curled, cracked or missing shingles

How many of these you are able to find on your roofs lets you know in what state your roof is. If you are able to find just a handful of those, roofing repairs should be enough to keep them going for a while longer. But if most of the shingles are like this you should consider a full replacement.

When these shingles curl or crack they leave part of your roof exposed and from there water is able to find its way into the roof, creating leaks.

Your attic is leaking

Especially shortly after a rain or hail storm you might find out that your attic is leaking. The sooner you can do the proper roofing repairs the better since water is not good to have around in these spaces. A small leak left unattended for long enough can create moisture problems with the structure.

You are able to see light coming from outside

If you can see this it means that your roof has holes in it, and where there’s holes in the roof water can find its way in, causing even more problems. To keep this from happening it’s recommended that you complete the required roofing repairs.

Roofing repairs are one of those things that you do not want to procrastinate with since doing that can often turn little problems into bigger ones. It’s just not worth taking such a risk unnecessarily when it can easily be avoided by doing the proper roofing repairs.

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